St Columba’s Hospice


St Columba’s Hospice is a leading provider of palliative and end of life care, serving the people of Edinburgh and the Lothians at its state-of-the-art facility in Trinity and out in the local communities. It’s education and research programme reaches right across the world. But a number of misconceptions were posing barriers to the hospice’s ability to communicate their offer to the world.

Misconception 1: People think of a hospice as a building, whereas in reality hospice care helps many people live with long-term conditions for many years – at home as well as at the hospice facility.

Misconception 2: People think hospices are funded the same way as hospitals. But while hospitals are publicly funded, St Columba’s Hospice is independent, with 75% of its running costs raised by the hospice itself.

Misconception 3: People think of hospices as sad and depressing places, but St Columba’s Hospice is actually a place of joy, friendship and laughter.


St Columba’s Hospice is a place that creates space for care: Physical spaces within the facility and out in the community, as well as creating head space, as well as giving patients and their families space to think, talk, share and plan.

To increase understanding of the spaces they operate within, we changed their name from ‘Hospice’ to ‘Hospice Care’ – removing the restriction of their work being tied to their building.

A new conversational brand uses a visual and verbal system that builds a visual space – framing every conversation the hospice will ever have. Infinitely flexible and owning the conversation around Hospice Care.

The colour scheme is quickly and easily identified at fundraising events and represents the personality of the whole team. Their new website directly addresses user needs, with clearer focus on fundraising and donations, while expressing more of the personality of the organisation.